Thursday, March 14, 2013

The search for a new RSS reader

When I opened up Google Reader yesterday there was a message for me. Google Reader will be unavailable after July 1, 2013. This is a big deal. I log into Google Reader every day to follow blogs, webcomics, websites, whatever. The usual stuff. So, my problem became: What will I use as my new RSS aggregate? After a short search I settled on Feed Demon. But on Feed Demon I discovered this article. And while Feed Demon is functional, I'm not big on their aesthetic (yes I know the aesthetic on my blog is terrible. This is why I use Google Reader. I don't have to see the design for my or any other site. It is the great equalizer). I also would much prefer to have a browser based reader. So, I've decided to look in on some of these other options. I don't much like Netvibes or Newsblur. Newsblur  in particular has some limitations on their free service that don't work for me. Netvibes I don't actually have too much of an issue with, except for they seem to be trying to do way too much with their service. That and they don't have an easy "create an account with Google" option. That's just my laziness coming in of course. Feedly is very functional, and it might ultimately end up as my choice, but I'm waiting to try out The Old Reader. Unfortunately, they've limited the number of imports they can be doing at any time, so I might be waiting for a while until I can try it. Until then Feedly is my de facto new reader. Unless someone has another suggestion or a reason to try one of the ones I've dismissed?